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The Binnacle was written and produced by the Students of Cal Maritime. Articles include observations of events or cruises, opinions and editorials, hand drawn art and cartoons, as well as satire, poetry and fiction.

Each edition ranges between 1 and 30 pages. Over the years the paper ranged from being printed professionally on glossy paper to being duplicated on a mimeograph machine.

There are no restrictions but there are some materials that may be considered sensitive.


Digital Collections Take-Down Policy and Disclaimer

Digital collections are made available for purposes of education and research. Due to the nature or age of archival collections, we are not always able to identify all relevant copyright information. We are therefore eager to hear from rights owners, so that we may obtain accurate information.

If you are a rights holder with concerns that materials found in Cal Maritime's digital archival or repository collections violates your rights, please contact us. Upon request, we will remove material from public view while we address any rights or privacy issues. Please contact pthibodeau@csum.edu with the following information:

Your contact information

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Statement of Sensitive Materials

Providing physical and digital access to the materials within the Campus History Collection helps expand awareness and knowledge of Cal Maritime’s long history. The materials in the Collection are historical in nature, reflect the society in which they were produced, and may contain racial, gender, sexual, religious, and other language and imagery that are considered offensive to many. We know that such depictions were wrong and are wrong today. However, these records reflect some shared attitudes of the time in which they were created and as such are important to the social record. Not presenting them as they were originally created would be the same as claiming these prejudices never existed.

If the offensive text is not in the original, but in a finding aid, catalog record, or other description created by library employees, please contact Archives and Special Collections to bring this to our attention.

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